Batgirl (2009) No. 14

- BFF?
- Only because you didn’t say it plural.
- It already is plural.



So my friend asked Dan how he felt about Abed/Annie and he said they’d make a really good couple because both of them are very comfortable playing roles outside of their own reality, and that Annie is totally willing to join Abed in his role-playing because that’s how he makes emotional connections.

or something.

I’m paraphrasing but you get the idea.


I’m sorry. I can’t hear you over the sound of my OTP being canon in the eyes of the creator.

I’ve always said that’s exactly why Abed/Annie work in my eyes. Because she (much like Troy) are willing to step into Abed’s world and connect with him on a level that none of the other study group seems to be able to. And that in the same hand, Abed teaches Annie to be a little looser and to play pretend and that she doesn’t always have to pretend to be such an adult. Annie’s always striving to seem older than she really is. Even from the pilot, she’s wanted to be treated like an adult. But Abed, he already knows she’s an adult. He just wants her to enjoy being a child for a little while longer. I don’t know, ahh. This OTP gives me so many FEELS.

Also: this ranks right up there with Paleyfest and ‘they’re kind of already a triangle’ as the best things Dan Harmon has ever said about our ship. He’s giving Alison a run for her money as this ship’s Captain.

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