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GLEE AU: Post-NYADA rejection, it turns out there’s still one place Kurt can get into.

8 and 15! :)

I’m 99.9% positive I forgot something obvious but I consulted my TV app to help me, haha. But that is:

  • Community
  • Make It or Break It (RIP :()
  • New Girl
  • Parks and Rec
  • The Office
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Once Upon a Time
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Sex and the City
  • Party Down
  • annnd General Hospital

And yes, they’re all ‘favorites’. I have a lot of love for TV. :)

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3.20 “My Fault”

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DO MISFITS, HAHA. Since I know you watch almost all the other shows I watch.

A bunch of kids in prison break out (?) and wreck havoc and have sex and swear a lot!



Considering I’ve played way too many video games and love Community, I decided to break down the list of Hilda’s topics from the brilliant Digital Estate Planning by game. This is truly a testament to the absurd amount of detail the show puts into even the smallest jokes.

frog extinction   (Winky the Frog)
ostrich   (Expresso the Ostrich)
other parrot   (Parry the Parallel Bird)
anglerfish   (Glimmer the Anglerfish)
spider   (Squitter the Spider)
snake   (Rattly the Rattlesnake)
parrot   (Sqawks the Parrot)
swordfish   (Enguarde the Swordfish)
rhino   (Rambi the Rhinoceros)

These are all animal buddies in the Donkey Kong Country series. Why frog is listed as frog extinction is a bit more of a stretch, however. It could be because Winky is the only animal buddy to appear in Donky Kong Country I that doesn’t show up in the sequels (though Expresso only returns in the Gameboy Advanced version of Donkey Kong Country II). 

magic carpet
rocket ship
ladder bug

These all deal with travelling in Super Mario Brothers 2.

hidden pipe
subcon vase   
magic flute   (Warp Whistle)
star zone

These are ways to skip levels in various Mario games. The Star Zone refers to bonus levels.

dark queen

Rash, Zitz, and Pimple are the protagonists of the infamous NES game Battletoads. The Dark Queen is the antagonist.

mechanical   (Mechanical Age)
stoneship   (Stoneship Age)
channel wood   (Channelwood Age)
space ship   (Selentic Age)

The ages in Myst.

old man trainer   (The Pokemon catching tutorial in Viridian City)
fly on a bird   (Use Fly)
cinnamon island   (Cinnabar Island)
seal along the shore   (The Surf sprite looks like Seel. Use it along the shore of Cinnabar Island)

This is how you encounter the glitch Pokemon Missingno in Pokemon Red and Blue.

black lightning

Ok, I totally had to Google this one. These are all apparently hovercrafts from the next to unknown N64 racing game AeroGauge

wing hat   (Wing Cap)
magic feather   (Super Leaf)
raccoon clothes   (Tanooki Suit)
running jump   

These are all power-ups from Mario. Each one greatly boosts Mario’s abilities when doing a running jump.

collect all blue coins   (A way to get Shine Sprites)
island of annoying voices   (Isle Delfino)
hot tub end boss   (Bowser)

All references to Super Mario Sunshine. Right down to the incredibly annoying Pianta voices.

mustached mushroom   (Toadsworth)

I’m not 100% sure about this one, but it does fit in with the Super Mario Sunshine section. Toadsworth was introduced in Sunshine.

bell toss
charged fireball
time bombs
rock punch

I honestly have no idea. If anyone does know, please hit me up.

blue fire   (Beth)
green fire   (Amy)
purple fire   (Meg)
boring regular old fire   (Joelle)

These are the colors of the Poe sisters’ flames in the Forest Temple of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

flying war ships   (Super Mario Brothers 3)
clown face helicopter   (Super Mario World/Paper Mario)
teeter totter flying floor   (Super Mario 64)
unstable bath   (Super Mario Sunshine)

The ways you encounter Bowser in Mario games.

impervious to lava   (Juno can walk through fire and lava)
underwater exploration   (Vela can stay underwater indefinitely)
hover puppy   (Lupis the dog has a jet pack)
giant ant dance club   (Insect Dance Club)

These describe the abilities of characters and a location from the N64 shooter Jet Force Gemini.

good karma quests
fun quests
unkillable bears
antiphysics horse

The first two could really describe several modern RPGs, but unkillable bears is a glitch found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. As for antiphysics horses… 

bubble attack   (Bubble Lead)
leaf attack   (Leaf Shield)
time freeze attack   (Time Stopper)
metal blade attack   (Metal Blade)

These are all special weapons in Megaman 2.

egg treatment  (You must hatch the Pocket Cucco) 
blue poultry   (The blue Cucco Cojiro)
the chicken lady   (The lady in Kakariko Village who breeds Cuccos) 
forest fungus   (The Odd Mushroom in the Lost Woods)
wild children   (The pale guy that gives you the Odd Mushroom)
trippy potions   (The potion brewed from the mushroom)
pharmacist   (The potion shop owner)
sawing small trees   (The Poacher’s Saw)
carpenter camps   (The carpenter in Gerudo Valley)
broken swords   (The broken Biggoron’s Sword)
giant rock monster   (Biggoron himself)
frog prescriptions   (The prescription for Biggoron’s eye drops needs an Eyeball Frog) 
vision medication   (The eye drops Biggoron needs to see)
brick vouchers   (The claim check for the sword. It’s written in stone)
extra large swords   (Biggoron’s Sword)

This is the trade sequence you need to go through to obtain Biggoron’s sword in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.